Marriage trouble

My husband and I know each other for 10 years before we got married last year. Not even a year into the marriage, and we already feel distant. I guess we didn't know how different we are until we got married and live together. This past month has been extremely difficult. I feel like I love him a little less everyday, mainly because I feel less important to him everyday. I feel like he'd rather watch tv or play with his phone than spending time with me. Because of our differences, we don't even like to watch the same tv show. We're now starting to watch tv separately. We both work during the day, so pretty much the only time we spend together is during dinner. Even then, the tv is on and we barely say 2 words to each other. Our intimacy has gone down as well. Now he's just like a roommate to me. I feel so depressed. Is this too soon for the honeymoon to be over? Wondering if anyone has been through the same before.