Frustrated and hurt


So af was due the 16 tested today got bfn I told my (supposed to be) best friend that ttc isn't easy and I think im just gonna give up for a bit..(been trying since last August had stopped from January to may for medical reasons)

her response was idk why your freaking out if its ment to be it will happen

she just had a baby in march and is pregnant agian (due Feb) since june ive been late every month (idk why) so in june she tells me she is pregnant so we can be pregnant together....she got pregnant on purpose because i want to be and since then every month rubs it in that im not...

I have purchased some baby item like a swing for $15 or a brand new camo pack n play $20 she tells me that I just need to give the stuff to her cuz you actually have to be pregnant or have a baby to use them

Sorry to rant ....prolly doesnt help that my sis in law just found out she is pregnant and every one else is pregnant or just had a baby