Feel like I am missing something... Advice?

Mama0301 • Proud mother of an angel 💕
My bf andi are in a serious and committed relationship. He says he is not "purposely" TRyINg for a babay but " if it happens it happens" we agreed on not using condoms when we both agreed that we were ok to try and would be really happy if it happened. Recently, in the last minth or so, ( i stated taking Clomid and started talking to my gyno more about what i can do to improve iur chances) he has nit gotten tested since we " aren't purposefully trying" according to him...and i keep reading 3 cycles of clomid is average length of time for most women on CLomid to get a BfP...we started arguing a lit more due to me being A LOT more emotional and jealous ( even for him masturbating!!) i know he is in this with me but he almost left after i told him it wasnt working out for me out of anger and now i dont know if i should keep taking clomid as scheduled so i dont waste any time... I am divorced and am feeling like i REALLY need a baby...i tried for over 3 years with my ex but with no medication or gyno visits besides the annual checkup because i wanted it to be natural. I am now at the point where i feel ill do anything for us to get pregnant but am feeling guilty...any advice??? Sorry i know its a lot but i need you ladies!!! Baby dust to all!