Molly • It took 3 years TTC and an IVF cycle to get our baby. Now, our son is 3 years old and we are TTC again.

My DH and I met with a new RE this afternoon and my hope was to discuss IUI as an option. (a brief history about us we are dealing with male factor infertility he has low count, highest count was 16 million, lowest count was 4 milion. we have been trying for our first for two years and have already done clomid, nothing resulted in pregnancy)

So our new RE tells us that we may not have enough sperm to successfully do IUI because there has to be a formula of count and motility etc and he suggested trying IVF. I feel so sad like the past two years of trying was for nothing, the clomid was a waste and I just don't know what to do. Has anyone had a successful IUI with low sperm count? Should I get another opinion or give this RE a chance?