Seriously freeking out please help

Ok so to start i haven't ovulated this month yet today is cd15 and i always ovulate or get my first almost positive opk by the 13th but ever opk i have taken has only one line not even a faint second kine. then the second is that i have a strange pain right below my hip bone on only the left side and it feels like cramps but only on one side. I had a normal period 15 days ago I thought it was normal at least lasted 2.5 days and i had a little cramping. My question is is it possible I'm pregnant? And also I'm scared of an etopic pregnancy. I tested last month at 6dpo and got a bfn and then got my period on 14dpo. Could I have missed it and it wasn't a period. My mind keeps going to worse case scenario and it being an etopic. And advice would be vary appreciate. Thank you.