Worst roommate!!!

I'm in college living in an apartment style dorm. I just returned to school this semester so my three roommates are random. We each have our own room but share the kitchen/living area and bathroom. Two of my roommates are wonderful and I get along with them no problem. The third is a nightmare! From day one she has stolen my food to the point where I've stopped keeping any in the apartment.  This is the list of her offenses:
Peanut butter 
An entire 1.75 L bottle of grapefruit juice (in 1 night)
Entire container of guacamole (x3)
Entire container of salsa (x2)
Entire thing of raviolis
Homade soup then spilled the rest on the floor, walked through it, and left it
Whiskey (then added water)
Mouthwash (then added water)
A single serving bottle of half drank juice
More I can't remember 
I have confronted her a number of times and yet she doesn't change her ways!!! I heard her complaining about my other roommate and I to her friend saying "food is so replaceable". It is but you could say that about anything you buy!!
In addition she plays her music incredibly loud at all hours day and night! When I texted her to turn it down the first time she turns it off and then texts me "it's off. Is there any time I can play my music??" I had never asked before but I was studying for an exam and couldn't concentrate with the racket! A half hour later her music was back on at full volume. She simply has no consideration for anyone besides Herself. 
She smokes everyday in the dorm hukka and blunts. I wouldn't care but she stinks up the entire apartment and sets off the fire alarm.
In addition and this in no way effects me but I find it kind of disgusting. She's been in a relationship with this girl for a little over a month and the last two weeks she's been inviting a guy over and sleeping with him (I can hear them and they take showers together). It's none of my business but I think it is just another example of how she has no respect for anyone!!!
She completely doesn't understand that anything she does is wrong. The girl has no boundaries. Ohhh and she's 26 years old! Not like she's 18 and it's her first time away from mom and dad!!
Has anyone had a similar roommate experience? Share your experiences