Question about blood test? Help :(

Okay so this is going to be long but I'm really lost and confused and need some help. Today I am 5 days late. My first day of being late I threw up that morning, couldn't eat all day til that night, haven't thrown up since that tho. My nipples and areoles are notiacble darker, with white in the middle and seems like my nipples have gotten bigger, my breast are sensitive not hurting though with sharp pains threw them every thru out the day, I just now got a little bit of appetite back, the first day of my missed period to my 3rdish day I could barley eat a thing without feeling like I was going to throw up, more acne, mild headaches, and a ton of white cm and watery cm. We used ovulation test this month, successfully. So I really really think this is my month! I never get these symtoms before AF plus AF is always on time 31 days and it's 5 days late with nothing but cm. The thing is.. I took a test my first day of being late Tuesday - bfn, my 3rd day Thursday - bfn and one this morning 5 days late Saturday. So I'm super confused? Maybe I have low hcg levels? Maybe I implanted later? I did a implataion calculatior online and it said I most likely implanted (22nd-24th) so maybe I'm testing to early? I was going to go get blood work done if I get anotherr bfn, Tuesday, my period will be one week late. Should I go then or wait? Bc my period being a Week like that is NOT normal. The thing is we're TTC for our first, Iv never gotten a blood test. Do I go to my regular doc? Do I go to womens clinic? Or? I just want to know already thank you for any advice