My story (long)

Keshia • Mom of 3 girls
I had my first ultrasound last week at 7weeks5 days. Baby was measuring 6 weeks with a hb of 97. (11 days behind) 
Went back this week 8 weeks 4 days to see if it had grown. I was told I was still measuring 6 weeks 1 day the baby hadn't grown,  but heart rate had improved to 147. 
I return again this week bc surgery can't be done to remove it until hb stops. Long story short(er)...I have a tilted uterus (happened after first child) and I couldn't help but compare the sonograms. 
The bottom pic (now) looks like an outline of the top (first daughter). I've prepared my mind for the worst, but can't stop researching. I've read lots of mis diagnosed miscarriages with tilted uterus. Please pray as I await Wednesday's appointment.