Serious rant.

Walking with my best friend in our downtown area. It wasn't crowded at all ya know and then we had seen a women breastfeeding. She looked at me and said that it was indecent and insensitive for her to be doing that in public. Oh man, that pissed me off but I remained quiet.

A few hours later I asked her her about it. She said it was wrong and should be done in private. What? There a half naked ladies plastered all over the place yet I don't see you making a fuss. I asked her why is it okay to sexualize and sell a woman's breast and accept it but the moment a mother is taking care of her child, all hell breaks loose. I got so mad! I quikly finished my cake and I left.

It's so annoying to live in a world where it's okay to sexualize everything but can't accept a mother feeding her baby. I'm done.