Help: He is different

I have a high sex drive and he seems to as well. We have been dating for a year. And he wants to marry me. He has helped turn my life around! I'm so much better off than I was a year ago!  But he is addicted to porn. Which I'm okay with. Except that it interfers with our intimacy if I come home and he's already got off. And that happens a lot, sorta frustrating and makes me feel that I'm not that attractive. What I'm not okay with is the fact that sometimes he finds other people on Craigslist and gives them a number to his pinger account and then talks to them. He uses a fake name but there is something about the whole thing that feels like cheating and he knows how I feel about it and says he has stopped. But now I hate it when he's on his phone because I just don't know who he is talking to!  Am I crazy? Should I stay in this relationship?