Am I selfish? I don't know what to do.

My husband has a son already, but this one is our first baby together.  He always told me he wants to name his first son with me after him, and even  though his name isn't one I would pick, I didn't care and was fine with it. 
Well now I'm pregnant and we don't know the gender yet, but I'm literally praying for a girl. I don't want it to be a boy, at all. Literally the ONLY reason I don't want it to be a boy is because I want to be able to name my first baby :(  I thought I was fine with a Jr but the closer it gets to the gender scan, the more I'm upset about it.  I've been thinking of baby names since I was like 5 years old :(  his mom picked his name, so it's like she's naming MY baby.  I'm just really upset and I don't know what to do.  I'm worried it will be a boy and I won't even be able to be happy.  I would be fine if this was our 2nd child, but I've waited so long to be a mommy, I feel like he's taking this from me :( 

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