SO issues

Jennifer • Having a baby boy in November!! Max Jameson!! So excited!!
So, I'm having an argument with my DH and he starts getting heated at the fact that I hardly call him. I work from 6:30am to 5pm. I have weird days. I can be busy all morning and not do anything in the afternoon, or vice versa. I call thru out the day when I have time. I don't call before I go to work out bc I'm busy getting ready and driving to where I'm going. But yet this ass wants me to call him all the time. Am I the only one that thinks that's unreasonable? He is a truck driver. I get we don't see one another, but having me call all the damn time is making me mad. I don't want to hear his background noise 24/7 (which is loud!) and have nothing to talk about. I call when I can at lunch, some thru out the day, when I get home, right after dinner, then right before bed. To me, that's already a lot. I don't like to talk. I don't want to talk on the phone. I hate it and there is dead air all the time. It's like there was a role reversal since I got pregnant & he became the nagging wife that won't leave me alone. Has anyone else been thru this &/or can anyone please give me advise on how to get thru this before I say something I will regret?