First cycle after mc

Aly • Happily married. MC 4/2015👼🏻Baby girl 10/2016 💕 baby boy due 2/2018 💙
Hello ladies, 
Wondering what your experiences are with your first cycle following your miscarriage (for which I am sending my deepest condolences👼🏼). 
I had a mc at 6 weeks at the end of April. My first period is beginning today but it's just different than what it was like before my mc. (More spotty, lighter). Maybe contributing is that I think I didn't ovulate this cycle, but I've heard that can be common if your body isn't ready yet. My hcg was at 9 at the end I April so I'm confident it continued to drop as everything sis pass naturally. 
Any input or personal experience sharing would be helpful.