Imaginary lines? Boyfriend and sister think I'm hysterical.

I miscarried last month and was utterly heartbroken. About a week ago I felt like my pregnancy symptoms had returned (they went away and I got a negative test so it was definitely all gone) tired and sore boobs (which is standard PMS for me to be fair) and nausea. 
I took a pregnancy test today to put my mind at ease (because I've not had the healthiest month tbh, we went on holiday and I drank and overate and generally took time to recover, with the intention of trying next cycle after my period returned) 
I SWEAR I see a line but my boyfriend and sister have both told me I'm probably hysterical and want to be pregnant so badly that I'm imagining lines where there are none. 
Both the same picture, one edited with upped contrast and a filter to make what I think is the line clearer. It's very confusing as the first cycle after a miscarriage is irregular and I have no clue when I'd have ovulated. I won't be heartbroken if I'm not pregnant and it's a dodgy test or an evap line or something, but I feel like I'd feel so much better if anybody else saw the line because now I'm just worried that I'm going insane. 
See anything?