Too much hope?

I feel like the doctors are giving us too much hope or maybe I'm just being negative. As most know from previous post, my grandpap (age 74) was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer about 2 weeks ago. Today, he had an appointment to go over his "PET" scan results. They doctor said it is in both lungs but luckily has not spread anywhere else. The doctor said that the plan is to do chemotherapy to kill the cancer and then he will probably go into remission. I didn't think there was a good chance of survival very long from what I've heard and read especially because of his age. I have heard and read that the survival for a year is 50% and the survival for longer then a year is only 1%. I would love to have as much hope as the doctor has but I believe they aren't being realistic about what's going on. I feel like we are just waiting around and he's going to pass soon in my opinion though. I'm just trying to be prepared even though I don't think I can. We are heartbroken. 

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