Neglect, drug abuse, on going battle

I'll start off with my family and I live in Indiana and we've been dealing with Child protective services for years due to my exes drug abuse and violent behavior. My ex has visitation with our daughter every other weekend. Last Sunday my daughter was dropped off and I could instantly tell something was wrong. I asked her what happened given the history of her visits....she then began to tell me how her father and two of his friends took her to Indy with them to get plane tickets....she said that her dad was driving when he gave her his phone and told her to play games then pulled up to a stop sign where he met a black man and received a white paper bag...the three men then messed with the bag and then started shaking their hand which also had bloody man started licking his fingers.... My 8 year old cried all the way home from Indy because her father was swerving off the road falling asleep...I've spoke to cps my daughter spoke to cps I've spoke to his probation officer and the far nothing has been done.... I fear for her life and so does she if she has to go back with him due to a court order... Someone please help us...before it's too late