Does this make me a lazy/bad mom?

Maggie • 25🌞Mommy to💙Luca 12/31/13💙 Logan 02/14/17💙
I planned and arranged ahead of time for this week; for me to quit smoking and my son goes to a sitter (a friend of ours) from 10:30am-5:00pm. And I have recently become a SAHM since we relocated..
   There are a few reasons as to why I decided to send him rather than keep him home. For instance:he gets social time with two other children his age, he gets a break from the usual activities he and I do. But also, when quitting smoking I become VERY irritable for the first two days. I am a nervous wreck. It's understandable but I don't want to put that anxiety on our son. This way, I can zone into cleaning our house even scrubbing areas with a toothbrush! I've even completely detailed my car lol. 
   It's not like I'm sending him off because I don't want to be with him; that's not the case at all. But quitting smoking is INTENSE and hard on our bodies and our minds and he doesn't need to experience that at 20 months.
I send him food, money, and pay her hourly to watch him. He LOVES it there. I feel this has been a very healthy week for us... 
    That was until a family member criticized me for not being able to "have willpower and handle my son." That I'm weak and pathetic and don't work anymore.
It really hurt because I'm determined to lead a healthy life and I want our son to grow up in a household that encourages a healthy lifestyle. This is my second time quitting (first was when I found out I was pregnant with him, I have no idea why I started again after having him.) but I'm done this time.
It hurt to hear such negative things when I was only trying to do what I felt was right for everyone involved :(