BFP after cramping since Ovulation

So since ovulation day I've had cramping. Usually that's normal for me on the day of ovulation, but after? Very, very unusual. I normally cramp day of, sometimes day after, and usually 3 days before AF. This time I've cramped every single day, ALL day. Which was the biggest thing that got my attention. 
I took this test yesterday and it came up negative within the first 30 seconds so I then put it in the trash. Today, while I was peeing, something urged me to look at it again. I did and.. Two lines! It's faint, but there.
My symptoms by DPO
1DPO: Crampy, crampy, crampy. 
2DPO: Still crampy. 0 sex drive and appetite. 
3DPO: Cramps. Still zero sex drive and appetite. Constipated. Woke up 3 times at night to pee, which is very unusual for me. Very bloated. 
4DPO: STILL cramping.. This never happens. Exhausted, in bed as I type this. Still zero sex drive and appetite. Didn't even want Dunkin this morning.. Who am I?! Feeling very full and bloated. Little bit of heartburn but may be from not enough breakfast this morning? Smells are bothering me, most likely overthinking again. 
5DPO: Bad migraine. Cramping still constant. CP is medium. Barely any CM. Still no appetite or sex drive.. Again, who am I. Exhausted. 
6DPO: Cramps. Tired. Had a great nights sleep. 
7DPO: forgot to log, but was very crampy. 
8DPO: Still cramping, and they're getting heavier. Took a test, BFN. I know it's too soon either way but I'm discouraged. Pretty sure I'm out. Just blah today. 
9DPO, today: Still constantly cramping, nothing painful just more annoying than anything else. Nauseous a bit. Still exhausted. About cried because my fiancé didn't buy me cereal after I had talked about it this morning.. Which is seriously unlike me (this was before I found the BFP). 
I'm still in shock! Doesn't seem real. Praying for a happy, healthy, sticky sticky baby!