Back in september, i dated this guy for a month. I broke up with him bc my ex started drama and told me he was too good for me and all this bullshit. Anyways, i never lost feelings for this guy. Then a few months later he started dating this girl and then he was flirting with me so i told the girl and she was confused and so was i but it ended up working out and me and this girl are best friends now. She broke up with him last week and he texted me and we talked all night long and then he said he really misses and loves talking to me and had been flirting with me ever sinse. But i was talking to the girl (my best friend) And she said that she hates him and she would never let me date someone like him even though she broke up with him to date a different guy and he didnt nothig wrong. I help because i never lost feelings for this guy but i dated ither guys while they dated and studd but its different with him. I can't deny my feelings for him and wanting to be in a relationship hut i cant be in a relationship with him bevause of her and idk what to do PLEASE HELP