Needing support

I'm in my second trimester and my fiancé just decided to call off our wedding and relationship. It's because since his mother passed away a few weeks ago, he's been just coming and going to his friends place at all times of the night for hours and sometimes days without calling me or letting me know, leaving me home alone. I confronted him about it and he got mad so I told him that if he won't try communicating with me that we won't work out. That made him even more upset so he said a lot of mean things and told me that he will help with the baby when they're born but he no longer wants to marry me. I've been really depressed and lonely since and could use the support right now. I don't really have any family or friends where we are living. I'm honestly very scared right now and feel alone. I try talking to him about working together to fix our issues because I know he's also having a hard time with the death of his mother but he just keeps shutting my efforts down.