Should I feed them ?

So I have been staying with a relative for a few days, I will be here until Friday when I move into my apartment.

But the issue is, she has 3 kids age 8,4 & 1. I have 2 kids of my own age 2 & 7 months. Since I have been staying with her she doesnt get up to cook her kids breakfast. Until like 10 or 11, they wke up at 7.. my 2 year old is used to eating at 8am.

So my question is, do I feed her children with mine? I get irritated because she lays in bed sleeping or on her phone all morning. My 2 year old is on a schedule he wakes up at 730ish and has a nap at 1130ish. Butttt.... i feel bad if my kid eats and hers dont. She keeps them up in their room until she is ready to get out of bed and feed them. The reason I dnt wnt to feed them tho is because I have a 2 year old and infant to watch, then have to feed her 1 year old he cnt feed himself yet along withe my messy 2 year old. basically feed and clean up after 5 kids while my relative is in bed on her phone. Sorry if its long and confusing I just want to know. Should I feed her kids or what?

Comments are helpful. Thank you.

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