Annoying MIL & FIL!

Kaci • Law student. Expecting our first in May. 💙
My in laws are on my last freaking nerve! My son is 3 weeks old, and I'm exclusively breast feeding so we're up every 1-2 hours feeding meaning that we sleep every chance we get. That being said my in laws are bitching that I'm keeping my son from them and that I make him sleep and he should be awake all day so he sleeps at night (🙄🙄🙄). 
Not only that, they will knock on our door at all hours looking to come in not caring if we're sleeping, on multiple occasions they've woken my son my tickling him while he's asleep. And that's when I'm lucky, most of the time my MIL doesn't even knock she just walks in. They don't wash their hands before touching my son and they allow their dogs to get in my sons face which I've said multiple times for them to stop. Im gonna lose my mind! How does everyone deal with their In laws because I'm getting so tired of mine! 😤