Vicky • Harley's mommy 💙👶🏻 💙 12-4-16
So I've ALWAYS been one to do my makeup beautifully (not to brag it's what people tell me) and I do it all, primer, concealer, foundation, setting powder etc etc etc. literally ALL of it. Every time I go to ulta or Sephora I have them match my skin (before I buy a new liquid foundation I like them to rematch my skin because I try a lot of new brands). Lately every single time I buy foundation I spend $40-$50 it's beautiful for the first week or two then after that when I use it, once it sets it'll turn ORANGE in some spots (between my eyebrows, on my chin, sometimes my cheeks). I dont sit out in the sun a lot so my skin is never really changing color, I don't put a lot on because I don't like the cakey look and I apply evenly. CAN ANYON HELP MEEE! Does anyone have brands that have never turned on them or tricks or anything?!?