Can someone ease my mind please

Kimberly🚮🚮😘 • Momma to Orion, Taurus, opinionated (sorry)
At my son's 2 week check up, the doctor told me that his head was measuring the same that it was at his 3 day check up. He thinks the baby was moving at the first check up which caused the number to be off, and that nothing is wrong. He seems so sure because he wouldn't tell us what might cause it since he doesn't think anything is wrong. We go back on the 22nd and I'm worried sick that they'll tell me the numbers didn't change. I'll lose it. I just want my little boy to be ok and I'm so worried right now I can't think straight. Has anyone had this happen to them and everything been OK? The doctor told me not to google it because it will just cause unnecessary worry, so I'm asking all you other moms for advice or to help me ease my mind here