In the midst of all the tragedies around the U.S.

The average number of child deaths by heatstroke due to being left in a car is 37 a year, so far this year 27 children have died. You may never think this could happen to you, but parents are always under some amount of stress, restless nights due to teething/colic/sleep regression etc. says to always use "Look before you leave" method or putting a stuffed animal in the front seat with you for dads or a purse in the back seat for moms. The most recent death was a baby left in the car after the dad forgot to drop baby off at their childcare and went on to work. Mom's, let's make the extra effort to help dad's out, clip a pacifier clip with paci onto dad's work shirt in the morning, he won't feel it while he's driving but as soon as he stands up he'll feel it dangle from his shirt. Tape a picture of little one to the center of the steering wheel in all cars, or hang a picture ornament from the rear view mirror. Use a pacifier as a key ring. Let's do all we can to avoid unnecessary deaths.