Sleep regression HELP PLEASE

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So i am lucky to get an hour or 2 of sleep at a time. The longest is usually 2 1/2 hrs at night. Hell lil man has taken longer naps during the day (3hr once) then what i am getting at night. I have tried everything i can think of to get him to sleep longer. And honestly this lack of consecutive sleep is killing me. I have fallen sick 2x in the past month and my doc has said yes its partially due to being worn down.

I've talked to the pediatricians all she said was "give him a pacifier" HE WON'T TAKE ONE, "well just make sure to also offer one during the day not just at night" this'll pass in a week or so..... we are not going on 2 months. He was fine at month 2 sleeping 5hr at a time but now he is 4 months next week and for 2 months he has been sleeping an hout waking taking maybe 1-2oz of formula then sleeping waking sleeping waking. I tried not giving him his bottle ot was a 1hr screaming fit till i finally caved and gave him the bottle. I tried getting him to WAKE and take more then 2oz I've tried to rocking bouncing lavendar lotion, lengthening slowly his time. Just making him wait sat 15 more min to feed and see if we could work him to sleeping longer that way....Nope! Tried a vibrator for his bed, white noise, music, making sure to have a good vigorous day see if he would be more tired that night, that didn't work so tried the opposite being on a strict, quiet schedule home and laid back.

Nothing has worked an I'm wearing thin. I've had guard duties and deployments with the military that didnt have me worn this thin! I just am so lost and dont know what to do. I worry is something wrong am i doing something he doesn't like!? Just can SOMEONE please offer advice or say does this end?