Over due! Im concerned!!


Sorry for the rant I just need some advice!!

Okay so let me start by saying I'm am 41 weeks and 2 days. I know your safe dates are between 37 weeks and 42 weeks however due to a lot of pain that I've been having and the fact that I had a stillborn with my first it makes me nervous about going on any further. I've asked my midwives to schedule an induction at my last visit but they refuse. Saying that it's policy for them to wait until after 42 weeks. I've tried voicing all my opinions including the fact that the longer you're pregnant the higher your risk become, I have started to loose my appetite, and I've read things about placenta not working, and my baby's movements have decreased as well. They were also the ones who gave me prenatal care with my still born and every time I had a concern and felt like something is wrong they would shrugged it off. I requested an ultrasound multiple times since 14 weeks and they refused to even look at what can be wrong until I was 20 weeks and it turned out that my child had stop growing from between 15 and 20 weeks on certain body parts I delivered her at 24 weeks. And their only answer was it happens. I only went back because I wanted to continue the whole natural thing with this baby and they are the only midwife place in my area. The only option I have now is to walk in to a hospital and request an induction. But my midwives won't assist if I do that. So what now?