gym partner

Alexis • Hey yall💖
So since I got into my relationship, I gained a significant amount of weight. Which has been bothering me. Me and my boyfriend discuss this quite often, and his one thing he always said "go to the gym" 
But I really don't have time. 
I work first thing in the morning; and by the time I get out of work; the gym is closed. I can never work out at home because he floor underneath me shakes from the basement being underneath and it makes me super uncomfortable. 
He goes to the gym every day and is aheavy  weight lifter and he told me that if I wanted to get serious about the gym, he would start changing his sleep schedule and gym schedule so we can go together and he can help me out with weights and cardio and stuff. 
I'm so happy to be with someone who supports me and loves me no matter what I look like. Sometimes I get really self conscious around him because he's so fit and attractive and I feel like a giant blob of squish. He doesn't care about my extra weight but I do. 
Not only do I want to lose the weight and be more confident for mySelf, but also for him because he's a fucking king and he deserves to see his girlfriend bettering herself and to have someone that takes care of themselves unlike his ex girlfriends 😳
Ladies, get yourself a man like mine. Seriously 😩❤️