Hoping for BFP

Hi all! So I am super new to this! I am 26 and just stopped taking birth control after my last period (12/31). According to glow my peak days were 1/10 and 1/11. DH and I did the deed 1/10 but used the withdrawal method. I though nothing of this until last Sunday 1/15 when I experienced extreme fatigue despite 10 hours of sleep. I then had and continue to have mild discomfort on the right side of my lower abdomen. Along with the abdominal discomfort I have had on and off indigestion, back pain, metallic taste and nasal drainage. Also in the past couple days I have had more cm. It has been fairly light but creamy. If I am right about my ovulation I would be 9dpo today. I got a bfn today with an equate brand blue dye test. ( I know it's prob too early.) AF is due 1/26. Am I crazy or could these be symptoms of pregnancy?! Even though we are not really trying, I really want a bfp