Too young to go to a concert?

My friends and I want to go to a concert over the summer (twenty one pilots), but my parents do not want me to go. I'll be 14 (turning 15 in September). They say I am too young to go. The concert is over an hour away from home and my friend's brother (17) will be driving us there. Him and a few of his friends are attending as well. Because it's so late, they were planning on getting a hotel for overnight. I agreed with them that getting a hotel room with all of them is inappropriate (my parents are very conservative and I know they wouldn't go for that) so I suggested staying at my grandparents house that night. They live only 15 minutes away from the venue and my friend's brother agreed to drive me there afterwards. So what do you think? Is this too young? I understand concerns of alcohol and drugs but my parents know very well that I will refuse any alcohol or drugs ever offered to me and I'd never get into a car with someone who is intoxicated. I am not the type who gives into peer pressure like that. Just looking for some opinions.

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