"You're just being dramatic"

I was talking to my fiancé last night about this tv show I watch. (The vampire diaries). Anyway, he was saying how cool it is that they can turn their emotions off whenever they want and just not feel anything! I kind of laughed because if anyone has ever struggled with depression, then you know what it's like to feel like you don't have emotions at all. So I said "it's kind of like being depressed. Having no emotions, feeling numb all the time. It's not fun" (I've struggled with depression since I was 15 and I'm now 18 and pregnant so I can no longer take my antidepressants so it's been really hard lately anyway) and he just looked at me and said "I'm pretty sure you were just being dramatic" EXCUSE ME? I was being dramatic? When I was falling back down, I was being dramatic. Apparently I don't know what depression actually feels like because I've never felt it. 🙄🙄 except I have for the last 3 years and tried so hard to pull myself out of it. And the worst part, is he was here for some of it! When we got together, I still saw my psychiatrist every week. He knew how badly I was struggling and to now tell me, two years later, that I was just being dramatic?? I was pissed. I didn't even say anything, I just went to bed. I never go to bed angry with him, because I toss and turn and don't sleep well when I do. But last night I did it anyway. And then this morning he had an attitude because I went to bed last night without waiting for him like I usually do. I'm still pretty mad about it. I feel like I shouldn't even have to say anything because why should I have to defend myself when he watched me go through it?! He never knew how to be supportive through it anyway. He would send his friend my way when it got really bad because she struggled too and he thought she could help. I really appreciated him trying even when he didn't know what to do. And then he tells me that I was being dramatic. I can't get over it.