the bachelorette - racist contestant? UPDATE W/ DIRECT QUOTES

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sorry i'm gonna be one of "those people" - i definitely watch the bachelorette, i definitely pop myself a bag of popcorn before, and i definitely have no regrets. 
however, last night's episode was a shitload of messes. here's some background before i get to my question:
there are 2 guys in particular who absolutely hate each other. their names are kenny and lee. kenny is a POC and lee is white. basically, a couple episodes ago lee fucked up & kenny called him out on it. lee refused to listen, kept interrupting, so kenny started yelling at him. then lee played the victim card (trust me, hes definitely NOT a victim) and called kenny aggressive. 
now from last night's episode, lee continued to call kenny aggressive in front of all of the other guys in the house & kenny wouldn't take it. he didn't lash out or get physical, but he did keep saying things like "you're a little bitch" (i think you have to watch the show to understand that statement is 100% justified don't let it rub you he wrong way). regardless, at the end of the night lee was outside and will, who is a POC like kenny, went outside to clearly try to educate him on the situation. here are direct quotes of the conversation:
will: "when you call him aggressive, there's a long-standing history in this country of regarding black men in america as 'aggressive' to justify other things."
lee: "so he's the guy who gets mad and plays the race card to justify everything he does, because he can't control himself." 
sorry that was 20x longer than it was supposed to be, but here's my question. 
was lee completely dismissing the struggles of POC to suit his stance in the feud? why or why not?
furthermore, if you said yes to the last question, how can problems like dismissal of struggles of POC be fixed? 
additionally if it's important to know, the bachelorette in this season is a WOC herself (i'm really hoping lee gets his ass whooped by both of them).