have a right to be upset/annoyed??

My husband and I have 2 cars and 2 dogs. Both big dogs too. He has been making upset/annoyed lately because I take care of them all the time and he doesn't really do anything with/for them. Yes, he lays for most of the vets bills only because he makes a ton more $ than me. But I am the one that makes the vet appointments, fakes them, brings them home, gives them their meds, bathes them, feed them except he feeds his dog in the morning when he wakes up, but not mine. I take them out to go potty, I train them, treat them, give them love and attention, buy their toys and treats, spoil them, literally almost everything. He barley pays attention to them lately and doesn't help me with them. I have a right to be upset and annoyed right? He wanted them just as much as me and we got them all as a couple's choice.

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