Aggravating Child😂

I swear if my 4 year old asks for food ONE more time....

He eats like 2 different breakfast foods. They get suckers when they go #2 on the potty (he gets the same reward as the 2yr old). Sometimes I'll even let them have a PB&J; before lunch (or some gummies or pretzels, never know). Then, no food for like 2 hours until lunch. Then, a snack after lunch. Then, nap time, then he'll wake up and I'll give him more lunch food. Then, they'll go about 3 hours without food again until dinner time. Then, it's dinner and a snack. Then, bath & bed.

But during those first 2 hours, he's still saying "I'm hungry. I'm hungry. We have food." After the lunch & snack, when it's nap time, "I want another snack. I'm still hungry. Give me food!" After nap time, I give him more knowing he'll ask for more (I give in to that because they might really feel super hungry after waking up). But even after that, for those 3 hours of no food, all I hear every 5 mins is "I'm hungry. I'm starving. I'm thirsty. Why can't we eat?! We have food! Give me food!" after dinner & snack, "I want more snacks! No? Okay, can I have more dinner?" "Sure" *gets more dinner* "I get another snack! More food!" NOPE.

IM SO DONE WITH THIS, that I'm literally over here telling him "if you ask for food one more time, I will not feed you anything for the rest of the day. You WILL starve" (I wouldn't do that, but I have to say it lol). And he's all like "but I'll be dead! And have no skin!" So I'm just like "yep. Now go away!" I can't right now. 😩😩 where's Nanny 911 when you need her for just one of your kids!! 😓

Edit: Want to include that as it may sound like alot, it is only 3 meals (maybe an extra after nap time, like PB&J; or a lunchable, because I understand being hungry after waking up). But usually, only breakfast, lunch, & dinner. With usually, 2 snacks per day (after lunch & dinner). Suckers aren't given every day, all day because they only poop on the potty once every day or two. And the 4yr is still learning to wipe his own butt, so he gets sucker rewards for that, but also to be fair since the 2yr old who is newly pottytrained, gets them. I could be overfeeding him, but I honestly don't see that... And he doesn't get ANYTHING by demand, yet he stills tries to DEMAND food. Same as asking for a snack when he wakes up every morning, yet he's never had a snack for breakfast... I guess I should be asking for attitude advice if anything, because food isn't our only problem with him unfortunately. 😔