I think my boyfriend is manipulating me and emotionally abusing me

The only friends I have are work friends, and I can't do anything with them unless he's there. I get invited to the movies, nope unless he goes. Invited to swim with a bunch of people? Nope, not unless he goes. The one time I went alone, he got mad and made me feel like complete shit about it. Yet, he can go out with his friends anytime he pleases. Alone or with me. Apparently he o ly invites me so "I don't get mad", but he's ditched me countless of times to go to "a friends". We have a kid together, he barley helps. Just tonight, I told him the baby isn't sleep so just let him play for an hour, tire himself out. Simple right? NOPE! He says no, put the baby to bed. So I sit in the dark room for an hour, while he screams. As dear old baby daddy sits in the livingroom watching tv, playing on his phone and texting people. Then after an hour, of course that aggitated md tp no end, he came in and said "let's let him play for an hour....you're fucking kidsing me!? I just stayed in the room, let him deal with him. Then he goes "you want to put him to sleep or do you want me to take him for a ride?", still aggitated about the whole situation I told him it didn't matter. He fucking ditched. But if I did that, he'd be pissed off and tell me all this shit. He never said bye, he didn't say shit. It feels like he's going to see someone else. Just recently he fpund a sore on the tip of his penis (yes, I'm that concerned girl). After he told me (weeks later), I haven't asked fkr sex since. Like it matters, he turns me down anyways! I'm lucky if I even get it once a month. I'm to my breaking point. He doesn't help, he just makes me feel like shit. I feel like I'm being manipulated and emotionally abused. I just don't know what to do, I want to cry.