This is messed up guys, they've got me fucked up...Can stress cause cancer?


My father is a preacher and has been battling cancer for several years, I'm nearly 30 and haven't been a part of his church since I was 16 and got kicked out as a teen for not having the same beliefs as my family. I was raised very sheltered and was thrown to the wolves, I slept in a car, worked three jobs, and struggled...I was also put in several terrible situations due to being 16 and naive. Whatever, made me who I am today and I'm fine.

Well I recently saw on a fb post that she clearly didn't think I would see, that my mother has been telling people that my dad has cancer because I'm not a christian and don't go to church, because of the stress I have caused him. He has stage 4 liver cancer, lung cancer, a brain tumor, and they are now currently waiting on the results of his latest MRI because the doctors suspect his cancer may have spread to his pelvis and bones. (Note: he has never worked out a day in his life, eats horribly, is obese, was raised by chain smokers, and lives in a very polluted area.)

I've been reading up on whether stress can in fact cause cancer and I'm not finding any real factual evidence to support that.

So...I'm sure you all have seen the "Me too..." posts circulating around fb by now. I posted one of my own and after days of posting and immediately deleting it, I finally found the courage to post it with several personal examples of sexual harassment and abuse I have experienced first hand. I was molested by a kid I grew up with at church, which was included in the post.

So my dad called me yesterday, angry with me for posting it, because I made his church look bad and said, "I can't handle reading something like that with my cancer." And continued to ask me to take the post down, angry with me for coming out and saying I was molested and rapped three times when I was young. Not angry with the ones that did it, angry with me for talking about it. I absolutely refused to delete my post. I'm a counselor today for young teens that have struggled with abuse and my history has made me the woman and mother I am today. I will not apologize.

They've got me fucked up, guys. He keeps saying he's going to die before spring and won't meet this baby my husband and I tried for six years to get pregnant with....and he says it's all my fault because I don't go to church.