Advice for a friend...possible trigger

My friend was in an abusive marriage. He would strangle and beat her. He would emotionally abuse and control her. Last year he drove around for over an hour with her in the car, going scary fast and punching her repeatedly as he went. He refused to let her go. Then finally dumped her in a scary downtown area, alone, bleeding and swollen. She has had to have 3 facial surgeries.

The prosecutor just informed her that they will basically drag her through the mud because his dad has ties to law enforcement (and is wealthy) and she has a history of mental health issues. He urged her to drop the charges.

She’s devastated and wants to give up. If she goes to court, it’s almost certain that they’ll make her out to look crazy and he’ll walk...but if she doesn’t testify then he just walks anyway.

What should she do? What CAN she do? I don’t know how to help her and I’m super concerned about her.


For those asking, we are on Ohio.