Im getting so frustrated!


My name is Tia and I am from Australia, Queensland and at the moment here in Brisbane we are experiencing people from other countries taking most of our tin of formulas to ship to there countries. They are grabbing them before staff get a chance to put on shelfs from the trolleys and they are taking eight tins each! My son is on a Pacific s26 Gold newborn soy milk because he is allergic to protein in cows milk and pees blood aswel as bleeds through bowel movement. So he needs this formula :( I drove around the other day to several different chemist and shopping centres and 1 chemist finally had a tin! I'm getting stressed that one day I won't be able to feed my child because these people are taking our formulas! I understand if there in need but what about our children?? Eight tins each is ridiculous and is not fair at all! sorry I just had to vent :(