9 Months Post Vasectomy Reversal Semen Results


My heart is just breaking!💔 We finally got our semen analysis results back. VR was 9 months ago, but we’ve been actively ttc for 10 cycles as I️ ovulated 2 wks after vr. I️ know I️ shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up & we should’ve waited for the green light, but we didn’t. Am I️ reading these results correctly? It looks so grim! Low count, crappy motility, low morphology. 0 normal motility?! WTH! I’m so angry and sad and frustrated. I️ don’t even think we’d be eligible for <a href="https://glowing.com/glow-fertility-program">IUI</a> with these numbers. My husband is taking Fertilaid, count boost, and motility boost. We used Dr Wilson in OK & he just says to retest again in a few months, which is NOT comforting. Anybody have any luck with these or advice for what I️ should do, if anything? Thanks ladies. Love to you all & I’m still so excited for you all as you continue your journeys.❤️