Second IUI


I had my second <a href="">IUI</a> today (36hs pos ovidrel and CD15). First one was a total fail and I didn’t even get to test because AF came 3 days earlier. I felt lots of ovulation pain more than 29hs before the procedure, which was frustrating. I am on 50mg of Clomid days 3-7. First cycle I had 3 good size follicles and second one 3 follicles around the same size (18mm, 15.6mm and 15.4 on cd 12) and other small ones. This cycle we BD every other day like there was no tomorrow just in case. DH sperm count post wash was 12.59 and 10.94. Motility and morphology normal.

I just turned 38 years old and my husband 48 so the clock is ticking. We both had good results with our tests, so I am hopeful despite our advanced age. My cycles were always very regular. I had a robotic myomectomy in June, which could have been the reason of our inability to conceive. My AMH was 2.97 and 2.87 (after 6 months), follicle count ranging from 14-16 on CD 3 and FSH 8.8. My first estradiol was a little elevated, but after the surgery was normal.