Just friends?

ok so me and this guy dated for 2 months and after we broke up he came over to my house a few times and spent the night every time and so he wouldn't let me sleep on the couch in my room because he just didn't want me to I don't know why but anyway I would go back to my bed and sleep and then he would hold me until we both fell asleep well on night this happened we got into a fight because I asked him if he would care if I killed myself and he said no which made me mad and then he told me to go back over to him because I walked away from him and when I came back to my room I continued to lay on my couch and I was playing on my phone and he ended up walking over to me and laying on me after a while I told him that I would go back over to my bed which was a lie because I didn't he ended up saying that he was in love with me "was" as in not anymore and we would always end up kissing and other stuff happened when he came over here also anyway back to my story so he ended up saying this last week"I will give you an answer Friday" on if he wanted to be with me or not but he actually gave me his answer yesterday which was no and so I wrote him a really long paragraph about how he hurt me and he hasn't said anything about it and he wants to be friends but I can't be around him because of the pain that I feel when I am around him so I don't know what to do because if I text him he won't respond and he will just open it