Tips for first time mom?

Lexi • Baby girl number 1 🎀1/19/18🎀 baby girl number 2 due 🎀7/20/19🎀

Wondering what tips or advice you ladies have a for a first time mother? I had awful anxiety before she was born and now it's even worse. I was breastfeeding but she after countless hours of tears from both of us she still refused to latch correctly so I decided to switch to exclusive pumping and bottles. Now with the bottles I'm scared the flow of the nipple may be too fast but at the same time the flow from my nipples would literally soak her every time she would pull off of them so I know that flow was faster. Also today she has had 5 poopy diapers but only one pee soaked diaper so far. She has drank 5 ounces between her 3 bottles today and after she's in a total milk coma until the next feeding. Any tips or advice on any of these things or on anything mom baby related at all would be appreciated! She's the best thing that's happened to me but I'm so scared I'm doing everything wrong. Thanks ladies!

Here's my little 6 day old peanut.