That's it!!!!!!!!

I am 100% fucking done!! I fucking hate my dog! Getting her was hands down the biggest mistake I have ever made in my entire life!! She is fucking gone! I don't care what my husband says! I hate her with every fiber of my being! She is going to the damn pound first thing tomorrow morning when they open! She can go ruin someone else's life! She has caused problems in my life and relationship since day 1. If this ends up in divorce I no longer give a shit. I'm sick and tired of coming second to a dog. I'm sick of how to train her and what not causing fights between us. God I'm so glad I haven't gotten pregnant because who knows how the hell we would raise a child together. I am DONE!

* We only have the 1 shelter near me. None of my friends or family want her. She is a menace. And you guys can say whatever you want to and about me. You haven't had to deal with this, thus don't understand. I am so far past done that I don't give a shit.

* Sorry if this post offends you or makes you mad, but I can't do it anymore. She has never been exposed to violence, just love, but she has become aggressive and destructive. Even with all the exercise she can handle she destroys everything and attacks me. She has been aggressive to my husband as well, but he thinks it's just a "phase".