Is someone able to tell me what’s going on?!

I’m so pissed. So it’s my dads birthday today and me and my mom got him presents and made him a cake. Then we order him takeout bc he wanted it. My bro came home from college today (I picked him up this AM) for my dads birthday. Well everything was going good, my dad even offered to bring my brother back (cuz he’s got class tomorrow) so that I didn’t have to make the trip again, plus I have school tomorrow and moms sick.

Anyways while we r eating, my bro asked my dad if they could stop at the grocery store on the way down cuz he had no food (or car). Anyway my dad agreed and we were all in good moods. Well that changed after presents 🙄 me and my mom made a trip down to the mall the other day and I picked him out 3 things I thought he’d like. When the vest didn’t fit he got kinda weird like “😐”. Well I told him that I’d get something to replace that present or just exchange it for the correct size. He said ok and he got up to go to the bathroom, on the way out of the room he sighed. I could tell he was disappointed and I was pissed but didn’t show it or say anything. WELL the whole point of this is now hessaying hes not dropping my bro off and he’s in a grumpy mood. WE HAVENT EVEN GOTTEN TO CAKE YET. WTF.

Let me just say I busted my ass this morning trying to get the house ready with signs and shit for his bday, drive 3 hours to get my brother at 830, and had the shittiest sleep cuz I let my mom in my room cuz it’s a better bed, and I slept on the couch. I did I bunch of other shit that I won’t write but this just pissed me off sm. Hes fucking 64 but acts like. 10 year old brat.