Am I overreacting???


Ok so last night my boyfriend and I were sitting in bed watching tv and in walks his mom, carrying our son talking about “I’m going to start feeding him solid foods now. foods like mashed potatoes and gravy.” And my only thought was “instead of telling us, how about u ask if it’s ok instead?” keep in mind that this is the grandmother that I’ve been having problems with since I even gave birth to my son. she’s always going out and buying my son foods that I’m not ready for him to have yet, she’s always going out and buying him expensive shoes, and she cusses in front of him dropping F bombs everywhere no matter what time of day it is. she NEVER once asks us permission to feed him this or that. every decision she makes regarding my son, she makes on her own. I told her I didn’t want Vaseline on his face and she claims his face was very dry and that’s why he needs his face rubbed with Vaseline. she even pushed my bf to make his aunt and cousin our son’s godmother and godfather without suggesting it to both of us instead. I mean, am I overreacting...? I’m 22 yrs old and my bf is 26. we are both first time parents and we understand everyone is trying to help and give us advice or whatever but can we learn how to parent our son on our own and I feel that she doesn’t respect me as a parent at all!