Why am I this frustrated?

Andrea • TTC #1 👼 Hoping for a 🌈 2020 is our year!

So I am on CD29, af "supposed" to start tomorrow (fx it doesnt) and normally before af I do get a little annoyed with DH. Nothing major just the odd time I look at him and say 'hey, step away, give me some alone time' and then I am fine. But the past 3 days I have been extremely frustrated and irritable, not just with DH, but at work (I have had to step out of conference calls so I wouldnt blow up at my boss)...and even in my dreams. Girls...I gotta tell you I lost it...I went off on a cashier in my dreams last night...bitch was trying to charge me $70 for 3 mars bars, can you believe it? Now...there is lots going on right now. First, we are ttc, its been a long process and we were hoping 2017 was the year. Second, I have diabetes and my sugars are high, so I have been tryimg to get them back to a manageable level. Third, I have not had a working furnace in 3 weeks...and its cold outside...like -26 celcius cold right now...so its been electric heaters and it is annoying. I have been on DH's case about getting a hold.of the company to find out when the part will be in and he response is 'I am going to wait for them to call'. Forth, our second car died 2 weeks ago...which a few months ago would not have been a problem because DH and I worked at the same place; but he has a new job now with some crazy hours (3am-11am, 6am-2pm, 7am-4pm) and my hours are 630am-230pm. So riding together isnt always an option. So is it everything piling up thats making me so frustrated...or what?