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I decided to give my son to his dad so he can raise him

Well thinking very well I have many things to do, many life projects and plans and my son prevents me a little, but I will go to see him every week. Will spend the weekends with me (but only on weekends that I have nothing to do) if I have a commitment then I will tell your dad that I have a very important pending that week and I can not go 😁 But I will put a photo with him on Facebook and I will tell him how much I love him and 2/3 times a week I will send him a message by whatsapp to tell him that I miss him and that I think about him a lot, I will give him about $ 1,000 a month (of course if I have spare) and a little bit more) I'm sure it will be enough to support their needs 😋 The rest that the father puts it because I am not forced to spend so much money since I also have expenses and I will probably have a boyfriend and more children and I also have to give to them ..

 Did you find it shocking? Absurd? A bastard attitude? Now reverse the roles🤔

It is a common story in men, but only "is wrong" when the woman is the protagonist .. You have to create awareness! Ahhhh and not forget that if the mother works she’s a bad mother, if the mother travels she’s a bad mother, if the mother has fun she’s a very bad mother! And if the mother has a boyfriend she’s a really bad mother ...