Baby hates bottle, use a transition bottle instead?

Kaitlin • ❤11-02-17❤👶🏼

So i am a breastfeeding mama and while at work he gets 1 maybe 2 bottles since i dont have long hours but he hates just about every bottle and its rough on my mom. Hes very picky about his pacifiers and only like joovy or mam and rarely will take a soothie. I saw tommee tippee transition for sippy cup bottle with the soft spout and i figured the square flat nipple may work well for him i tried it tonight and it was great. The only thing is the nipple has 2 holes in it so i worry about the flow being too fast even though he didnt seem to have a problem with it. On the package it said 4m+ and he will be 4 months on the 2nd of March. Just want to see if this is a good option? Or I should wait and try to keep on the bottles? Picture of my sweet boy!