What do y’all ladies think?

My relationship with my almost 2 year boyfriend is not the best. We constantly argue but we always find a way back, because no relationship is perfect, we always try our best to communicate. But I feel like every time we argue, he would put his guard up. And I absolutely understand because I was that way. I realized and had to change because it was affecting us in many ways when I stopped communicating with him. And yes, I tried to talk to him and make him understand. He says he does but eh I have feeling he does not. Anyway, he works and when he does he doesn’t text or call which I completely understand but after work and the gym he mostly chooses to “enjoy himself”. He would go out with his boys instead of speaking to me or texting me. Of course, I have to try to be understanding so we can avoid arguments and fights. Sometimes we think that being friends is the best, because our relationship is such a roller coaster and it can be so stressful and hard to deal with. We’re grown, we have our own lives and all but what’s the point of being in a relationship if we barely speak to each other or always too busy for the other..

Any advice or tips to make a relationship stronger or better ?

I’m not even sure how to describe my feelings or whatever, I don’t usually post, not even sure if I’m doing this right but I don’t have much friends I can rely on, so hopefully you girls can relieve some pressure and stress I have. Thanks so much. 💗