2nd IUI - tips & questions to ask


Cycle 1 went like this:

- Doc put me on 2.5mg femara for 5 days starting on day 3 of my last cycle

- only 1 follicle measured 20mm, other 2 were 15mm at CD 12 appointment

- lining measured 11mm during follicle check

- <a href="https://glowing.com/glow-fertility-program">IUI</a> on CD 15 (1 day after positive ovulation); hubby’s sample was good (no further info beyond “there’s enough and moving well”)

Well, I just started heavy spotting yesterday and got a BFN. Now I’m trying to figure out what questions I should be asking when I speak with my doc early next week. Don’t think she is being aggressive enough considering we just passed 2 years ttc. And to top it, we recently discovered endometriomas in each ovary.

Feeling overwhelmed and a bit lost 😢